English as a Second Language

Programa para Jovens e Adultos

Nível de Entrada – B1


O programa ESL da North American School vem preencher uma lacuna no mercado do ensino do idioma inglês para alunos jovens e adultos que querem aperfeiçoar ainda mais o nível do idioma inglês.

Na busca de trazer os melhores recursos para nossos alunos a North American School buscou junto à editora Pearson o melhor e mais moderno material didático para aqueles que pretendem chegar ao nível CFR – C2 o mais alto nível do idioma. O sistema North Star faz com que o aluno alcance esse nível com muito conteúdo e consistência

Learning System – Pearson NorthStar



ESL1 – ACHIEVED LEVEL – B2 – NorthStar 3

NorthStar 3

Listening & Speaking

Reading & Writing

Extreme Sports A Test of Endurance Sports and Obsession
Fraud Avoiding Identity Theft The Consequences of Fraud
Space Why Explore Space? Exploring the Red Planet
Language Words that Persuade Language and Power
Career Choices Follow Your Passion Careers of the Future
Tourism Culture and Commerce What’s Ecotourism?
Marriage Before You Say “I Do” Finding a Spouse
Climate Change Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Is our Climate Changing

ESL2 – ACHIEVED LEVEL – C1 – NorthStar4











NorthStar 4

Listening & Speaking

Reading & Writing

Prodigies Exploring Genius Genius: Nature or Nurture?
Overcoming Obstacles The Achilles Heel Facing Life’s Obstacles
Medicine Early to Bed, Early to Rise Making Medical Decisions
Animal Intelligence Animal Intelligence Instinct or Intellect?
Longevity The Golden Years Too Much of a Good Thing?
Philanthropy Giving to Others Making A Difference
Education Do Your Homework! The Empty Classroom
Computers Pros and Cons of Gaming Managing Your Smartphone


ESL3 – ACHIEVED LEVEL – C2 – NorthStar5

NorthStar 5

Listening & Speaking

Reading & Writing

The Brain The Fantastic Plastic Brain Neuroscience and Empathy
Lying Is Honesty is the Best Policy? Lies and Truth
Personality Revolution of the 50% The Road to Success
Cross-cultural Insights Ancient Wisdom Travels West What is Lost in Translation?
Business Business Not As Usual Size Matters in Business
Social Media Together Alone Staying Connected
The Arts Learning Through the Arts The Cellist of Sarajevo
Poverty Changing Lives for $50 The End of Poverty


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