A North American School é o mais novo centro aplicador dos testes MICHIGAN no Brasil!

O centro número 371 no mundo, único no sul do país é um local onde o aluno pode certificar sua proficiência em todos os níveis!

Desde o mais jovem ao mais experiente, os testes da Universidade de Michigan em parceria com o Cambridge Language Assessment, certificam a proficiência dos alunos de sua escola!






The Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) is a standardized English as a foreign language (EFL) examination. It is recognized in several countries as official proof of advanced proficiency in the English language and can be used for academic and professional purposes. It is accepted by some universities as evidence of proficiency in English if it has been received within the past two years.

The Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (or ECCE) is a standardized high intermediate-level English as a foreign language (EFL) examination. The ECCE certificate is recognized in several countries as official documentary evidence of high-intermediate proficiency in the English language and can be used for academic and professional purposes.

In 2019, the MET includes a new academic reading task to complement the multi-passage reading task. The listening and reading sections of the test have been shortened to 50 items each, and the test time for these sections is now 100 minutes total. Learn more about the updates.

The Michigan English Test (MET) is an examination for test takers who want to evaluate their general English language proficiency in social, educational, and workplace contexts. Listening recordings and reading passages reflect everyday interactions in an American-English-speaking environment.

The MET is a 4-skills test. Test takers can choose to take 2 or 4 skills. The required 2-skills sections of listening and reading can be accompanied by the writing and speaking sections. The MET is regularly updated to ensure that the examination reflects current research in language teaching and assessment and also continues to provide test takers with a test that helps them demonstrate their language proficiency.

The MET Go! is a secure, multilevel exam that measures English language proficiency at the beginner to intermediate range of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR A1–B1). It is a four-skills exam consisting of reading, listening, and writing, with optional speaking. The test contains authentic tasks and situations that are suitable for teens, and MET Go! score reports provide individualized diagnostic feedback for each test taker.

Michigan Young Learners English (MYLE) tests are a fun and motivating way to test the English of young learners in the primary and middle grades. The tests cover all four language skills and are developed by Michigan Language Assessment in association with Cambridge Assessment English.

The tests provide a clear and transparent assessment from Bronze (beginner) through Silver to Gold(early intermediate). The tests are international, with a focus on American English. Of primary importance is that the testing experience has a positive impact on children and on their subsequent language learning.

Michigan Language Assessment is committed to excellence in its tests, which are developed in accordance with the highest standards in educational measurement. All parts of the examination are written following specified guidelines, and items are pretested to ensure that they function properly. We work closely with test centers to ensure that our tests are administered in a way that is fair and accessible to examinees. The Michigan Language Assessment MYLE are open to all people who wish to take the exam, regardless of the school they attend.

Preparing for the MYLE

Michigan Language Assessment does not prescribe or endorse any specific course of study to be taken in preparation for the MYLE Bronze, Silver, or Gold exams. The best preparation is through the general study and use of English. Parents or teachers may find it useful to consult the complete sample tests available on our website.

MYLE Format

The MYLE is a paper-and-pencil test. (Test takers bring colored pencils or pens to the test.) The chart below describes the format and content of the three levels of the MYLE.


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